A commercial for Segafredo's new filter coffee products directed, illustrated and animated by me.

In the animation we dive deep into what is the essence of Segafredo coffee. It’s not the coffee itself that makes the product special, but rather it’s the culture and the feeling around it. Following closely the narrated script we paint a modern, fashion drawing inspired world that tell a story about the people and culture of Segafredo

CLIENT Meira Oy AGENCY Buena Creative CONCEPT & SCRIPT Juha Salminen AD Tomi Kujanpää PROJECT DIRECTOR Minna Kotiranta BRINK HELSINKI: EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Sara Heikkinen CONCEPT TEAM Sara Heikkinen, Joona Aalto, Tiia Reijonen & Kiira Mukka ILLUSTRATIONS Joona Leppänen DIRECTOR & LEAD ANIMATOR Joona Aalto ADDITIONAL ANIMATION CLEAN-UP Tiia Reijonen BACKROUND IMAGE RE-TOUCH Petteri Laakso

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