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Joona Aalto

Svenskt Vatten

Client: Svenskt Vatten

Studio: Soja

Three informative films for Svenskt Vatten, an association of companies in Sweden focused on water management. The films cover topics such as "What do I get for the VA fee?", "Who owns the water?", and "Why does the fee differ from municipality to municipality?" with the aim of providing valuable information to the association's members and the general public. The challenge was to create films that were universally applicable, regardless of the company's individual brand identities. The result was a set of engaging and educational videos that effectively communicated important information about water management in Sweden. In the films, we are showing water and how it is managed in a way that is appealing to the audience but at the same time provides information to allow the audience to gain a better understanding of how water is managed and the fees associated with it. I was responsible for the art direction and the illustrations on these films and developing the style together with the team and the client.

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