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Joona Aalto


Client: Meira Oy

Studio: Brink Helsinki

Agency: Buena Creative

A commercial for Segafredo's new line of filter coffee products. The animation aimed to capture the essence of Segafredo's coffee culture and the feelings it evokes in its customers.To achieve this goal, the visuals were carefully crafted to follow the script's narration and tell the story of the people and culture behind Segafredo's products. The resulting animation was a visually stunning and compelling piece that effectively captured the essence of Segafredo's brand. By focusing on the culture and feeling of the product rather than just the coffee itself, the animation was able to create a powerful emotional connection with viewers, making it an effective marketing tool for Segafredo's new line of filter coffee products. I was responsible for creating the concepts and the visual language for the films, as well as illustrate and animate it fully.

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